Chimney Lining – Forever Flex

Forever Flex chimney liner is the ultimate solution to the problems that plague most chimneys. Modern stainless tell walls provide an airtight and watertight barrier that seals in gases and creosote.

The EverGuard Forever Flex liner is made of 100% 316Ti stainless steel. High quality stainless steel combined with Titanium creates an alloy to withstand the acidic moisture and extreme temperature fluctuations inside your chimney. Forever Flex will even contain a chimney fire!

(Actually, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) tested Forever Flex, and has awarded its seal of approval. UL has declared that the Forever Flex system excels standards for chimney safety and can even withstand a 2100 degree chimney fire and still maintain structural integrity.)

Forever Flex, and all EverGuard liners, carry the exclusive Forever Warranty, the first warranty in the business that is transferable to the next homeowner. No fine print in this warranty, just peace of mind.

Forever Flex