Chimney Repairs

Chimney Experts provides many types of chimney repairs including, chimney pointing or repointing, chimney crowns, stucco repair and waterproofing. Chimney Experts also repairs slate roofs.

Repointing is a process of repairing or replacing the damaged mortar to brick structures usually caused by salt or water damage. The mortar becomes cracked or eroded, and in need of repair. The replacement mortar needs to be matched to the existing mortar so all the chimney joints are matching.

Chimney crowns (caps) are the very top of the chimney which protects the bricks below them. It seals the top of the chimney from the flue liner to the chimney edge. It may not look important, but it serves to keep the chimney solid and your house dry. Heat and water are the main causes to cracked or damaged crowns which then cause water leaks into the chimney.

Stucco repair involves repairing cracks, detachment and holes that develop over time. Stucco is a protective coating and a very durable surface which needs repairs from time to time due to structural settling or damage from the elements. Stucco repair requires the skill and experience of Chimney Experts.

Waterproofing protects the chimney from water penetration into the masonry, and ultimately water damage to your chimney. Waterproofing is an economical way to protect your chimney from water damage which can go unnoticed for years.

Chimney Experts is also experienced in repairing slate roofs. Slate roofs should be repaired rather than replaced. Missing cracked or broken slate should be replaced by an expert slater to prevent further roof deterioration or water damage. Chimney Experts has the expert training and practice to make aesthetically pleasing repairs to your slate roof.

Prior Work:


This chimney was repointed in 1999; 14 years ago (picture taken 2013)

Chimney Up Close

Close up of same chimney; as you can see, the joints are just as good as when we first did it 14 years ago. (picture taken 2013)


This chimney was repointed in 2005; 8 years ago (picture taken 2013)

Up Close of Chimney

Close up of same chimney repointed 8 years ago.

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